What Darling K. Had to Say

“YES! I am happy to provide a testimonial for your site! You have been an angel and GODSEND to me! You and your sisters have been at my every beck and call and have been able to help me the entire way. I could never have done it without you. So, here goes nothing….

I could literally not even believe how low my relationship had got before I contacted Emily. The divorce papers were already filed, I already received them and he was threatening to also fight me over custody for the kids. I did not even bring them up, it told me though that he had been thinking about divorce a lot longer than I first realized. So I basically was in a ship that was sinking really really badly. After getting a consultation, Emily advised me that it was still salvageable and that we could still fix this. Her guidance was super simple and she did all the work, I didn’t even have to do anything. I got to say, these gals are the peoples you need to talk to if you are in a love jam of any kind, they are so compassionate and really good people. Most important of all, I was seeing changes in my situation in a matter of just days!!

Thank you emily and the rest of your girls for making this so easy for me. He has been eating out of my palm ever since! Have a great day!

What Karen S. Had to Say

“The least I can do is a testimonial, yes. If you need anything else ask please. You have been the strongest support pillar I could have asked for. I tried like six other places before finally getting to you guys and there has been nothing like your service. It is not hard to tell you guys really care about your customers. I got way more than I even expected and I feel like our life is pretty ironclad now. We are going on vacation next month, which he sort of ‘sprung on me’. Tahiti. I didn’t think I would be able to lock him down, he is really really successful and could have anyone, but low and behold, you guys found a way to make the impossible a reality for me! I never thought he would take me back, not in a million years! Thank you, I owe you my life, and promise to never take him for granted again! Love you Emily!

What Ira M. Had to Say

“True professionals. They listened and gave me a really honest opinion of my situation. I took their advice and can say I have never been happier! It was hands down the best experience of my life. They brought my marriage up out of the gutter and I can never thank then enough! 5 star service!”

What Cody T. L. Had to Say

“I have known Emily for a really long time, many years in fact. I guess you could say we grew up together. She has helped me several times through my path in life.

Emily has a gift for helping others. Her and her sisters are really talented at what they do. I have also never met a more caring person. Her rates are affordable and her skills are worth it. I have seen her fix several relationships which were often considered completely unfixable, one of those relationships being my very own. I have seen her work what I would describe miracles. She is usually effective in a matter of days depending upon the exact situation. And best of all is that she is really easy to talk to. So if you are in a relationship jam, you should talk to Emily and see what she can do for you.

Trust me, if she can help me, she can definitely help you too!”